Optimization / Artificial Intelligence / Data Science

Solutions for complex optimization and decision problems.


Decision and optimization problems are everywhere. Finding the optimal distribution routes, the perfect employee schedule, the optimal production plan, are some of the most well known examples.

Customized solutions

Most likely your problem has specific features or requirements that defy general purpose solutions - this is where we can help.

The Solving Machine

With a strong background on researching complex optimization problems, and extensive experience in deploying solutions for different industries, we are 'the solving machine'.




  • Demand forecast
  • Pricing
  • Insurance
  • Stock market
  • Product configuration

Data Science

  • Data mining
  • Machine learning
  • NLP (Natural language processing)
  • Logic / Statistics / Math



Production Planning

Oil derivative products arrive at a facility in railcars, that have to be stored in a railyard and later scheduled for transfer and packaging. The task was to plan the storage, transfer and packaging of the railcars in the yard. Additionally, existing infrastructure (large silos) for buffering the product before packaging had to be considered for achieving optimal use of the production capacity.


Inventory management / Demand Forecasting

Community pharmacies have to solve a challenging reliability problem: to maintain a high service level without overstocking, subject to demand that depends on many external factors such as seasonality, disease outbreaks, supplier stockouts, etc. The task was to develop software to help pharmacies to make better inventory investments: reaching optimal stock levels subject to limited budgets.


Personalized Transportation Planning

A personalized transport business is faced, on a daily basis, with a a set of requests it must satisfy, each requiring the transport of one or more passengers between a specific origin and destination, commonly with fixed pickup/dropoff time windows, and other personal transport requirements. The task was to develop software to organize, plan, and monitor personalized transportation (see KangRouter ).



Specific genes can affect various characteristics of a plant. Additionally, combinations of multiple genes together can also have an effect on these characteristics - this is known as the “epistatic effect”. The task was to determine the influence of specific genes and the epistatic effects, given the genetic makeup of the (crop) plant and its height.

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