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Non Emergency Patient Transport

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Organize. Plan. Execute.

School Transport

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Organize. Plan. Execute.

Tourist Transfer

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The software solution for personalized transport

Organize. Plan. Execute.


Transport Requests

A personalized transport business is faced, on a daily basis, with a a set of requests it must satisfy, each requiring the transport of one or more passengers between a specific origin and destination, commonly with fixed pickup/dropoff time windows, and other personal transport requirements.

Fleet/Crew Configuration

Each transport request requires resources from the personalized transport business, namely a driver and capacity in a shared vehicle. Each vehicle/driver availability is also subject to specific constraints, such as fixed work time windows, or maximum work duration.

Efficient personalized transport

KangRouter boosts personalized transport by keeping transport requests and fleet/driver resources always up-to-date and well organized, by using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to plan cost-effective operations, and by enabling monitoring and reacting during operation execution.




Calendar is where you define your transport problem. Use it to manage the daily list of transport requests including pickup/dropoff locations, time constraints, transport requirements, and other relevant customer details. It is also where you state your fleet and driver availabilities.



Planner is where you solve your transport problem. Use it to plan ahead or replan operations that are currently ongoing (for example to integrate unforseen events). Planning can be performed in a fully automatic, manual or hybrid mode. Automatic mode offers an undisputed advantage in terms of speed and quality of the solution. Manual (and hybrid) mode exists to give you full control over the final plan.



Navigator runs in a cell phone or tablet attached to each of your vehicles. Use it to convey each driver a plan that is always up to date, and to collect the position, state, and progress of each vehicle regarding the set of tasks assigned to it. The collected information is then fed back into the system for monitoring, replanning, billing, quality assessment, etc.



Monitor gives you an always updated view of your operation. Unlike the previous modules, Monitor is a passive application - run it on a display in your operation control room or in a tablet in your pocket.



Comprehensive set of constraints to model a variety of cargo/passenger requirements, driver availabilities and vehicle configurations. See the complete feature list .


Solve problems involving hundreds of jobs and dozens of vehicles within minutes. Applies both to rural and urban areas, in the latter case integrating traffic forecast.


Optimized solutions translate directly to lower fuel costs, shorter driving durations, faster delivery times, and maximized service throughput.

Optimized resources

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