Service Level Agreement

1. Overview.

This is a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between TheSolvingMachine (“Provider”) and each customer of Provider’s online web service (“Recipient”).

The purpose of this SLA is to identify the basic services, and any agreed upon optional services, to be delivered by the Provider regarding transport planning activities.

This SLA holds during the period listed in the Recipient’s Account.

2. Description of Services.

The service consists in providing vehicle routes and schedules (“Solution”) to satisfy pick-up and drop-off requests between origins and destinations (“Problem”). A Problem is determined by its set of vehicles and corresponding depots (“Resources”). The allowed maximum number of Resources is listed in the Recipient’s Account.

The service is available as a web service, and allows solving one Problem per day (from 4:00 to 4:00). During this period the Recipient may use the service to solve several instances of the problem that may differ on pick-up and drop-off requests.

3. Service Performance.
  1. Response time. The Provider guarantees an average solving time of 10 minutes.
  2. Availability. The Provider guarantees a 99% availability of the web service. Scheduled maintenance during short periods may be performed in which case the Recipient will be timely notified by email.
  3. Service Quality. The Provider makes no guarantees on the quality or fitness of purpose of the generated solutions, except that they comply with the provided Problem constraints.
  4. Service Failure. Exceptions to the above a), b) or c) constitute a “Service Failure”.
  5. Customer Support. Customer support is available by email (

4. Cost of Services.

The cost of the service is listed in Recipient’s Account.