School Transport Planning

The smart plan.


KangRouter is the technological solution for companies transporting children among home, school, and after school activities.

From transportation requests to automated planning and plan execution, KangRouter assists in all steps of a school transport service business.

Get ready for tomorrow's efficiency demands. KangRouter will make your school transportation service more efficient, reliable and profitable.



From children transportation requirements to fleet configuration details, keep important information well organized and easily accessible across your organization.


Antecipate work peaks or learn from past experience using a straightforward chronological view of scheduled operations. Switch among current, upcoming, or past transportation service records with a click, and never lose track of valuable information.


Streamline data processing tasks by maintaining a custom database of public locations and timetables (schools, after school activities), pickup/dropoff events, or by scheduling recurrent transportation services. As core data becomes richer and more complete, management and planning will run even more effortlessly.


Readily schedule a new transportation request, edit a pickup location, or change a vehicle availability. Close the gap between planning and operations by keeping information up-to-date at all times.


Eliminate single points of failure by distributing workload across your team. KangRouter's intuitive interface allows several co-workers to participate on the daily planning and operations effort.


Generate daily plans and routes automatically. Manually crafted plans often require too much time to produce and tend to be sub-optimal. KangRouter performs this laborious task faster and better, freeing human resources for other important work.


Optimize resource utilization. Maximize service throughput with your current fleet and staff and grow your business without risk. KangRouter's optimized plans reduce total mileage, cuts fuel costs and CO2 emissions, and extends the life of your fleet vehicles.


Improve quality of service and customer satisfaction. A robust plan reduces the probability of delays. Additionally, by minimizing travel durations and distances, KangRouter's planning tool also constrains the maximum amount of time a child will be waiting for your transport, waiting for a class, or in transit to collect other children.


Make your own version of KangRouter. From customer details to fleet configuration, almost everything can be enriched with custom metadata specific to your business. Contact us for more information.