Employee scheduling (Rostering)

Employee schedules based on your requirements.

Employee scheduling is unique to each company. We offer employee scheduling as a personalized service: from your specific set of requirements to an efficient scheduling solution.

How does it work?

1. Tell us how you want it

We setup a call to learn about your scheduling problem: schedule structure, costs to minimize, constraints, preferences, etc.

2. Send us your problem

Typically the minimum/maximum number of employees with a given skill required per time slot, the list of employees and their availabilities and preferences.

3. Obtain your solution

Relax while we find the best employee schedule for your specific case. The full process can then be semi-automated for similar schedules.



< 15 employees


15-60 employees


> 60 employees


* Prices are per employee per schedule. For example, a scheduled week for 50 employees costs 50*0.75 = 37.5€.

Interested? rostering@thesolvingmachine.com Your first schedule is free!